Our Life Coach Certification program trains you to instantly establish a profitable life coach business and help your clients connect with their unlimited potential in life.

As one of our Life Coaches, you will have the freedom to earn a great living while working on your terms from the comfort of your phone. Can you imagine earning $50, $100, or more per hour, and working the hours you want each day? We’ll show you how to do this quickly in just one day.

If you want to learn the most simple, yet powerful Life Coach system we’ve taught to thousands of people around the world, take a 2-minute mental break and read on. Your personal freedom is just a breath away.

The majority of people are now in a transitional season. When riding those waves of change a coach can be a vital resource. Recognizing the increased demand and need for more certified and trained life coaches, for a limited time, we are discounting our $3,000 life coach certification program to $599, to help with the shortage of life coaches.

Backed by the research and development from the International Coaching Science Research Foundation, our established training and certification program provides amazing results that are typical. Approximately 98% of our attendees establish a profitable and successful life coaching business in 2-4 weeks.

And what’s the best part? Our Alumni Network and Referral program provides a great ongoing support system. A Few days after absorbing the training and using the program materials, each attendee is paired with a mentor support person. This allows for continual development as a coach after the training. With continued mentor support you accelerate your business and conquer obstacles that may come with any new venture.

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Our Upcoming Life Coach Certification Locations!
  • September 11th – Atlanta, GA
  • September 18th – Charlotte, NC

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Our Upcoming Christian Life Coach Certification Locations!
  • TBD

  • September 25th – Philadelphia, PA

  • October 17th – Cordele, GA