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$349 Fast Life Coach Training


$349 Life Coach Training and Certification Program-Become a Life Coach in 1-Day

Nurture Your Inner Genius___Experience Freedom___Impact Your World

We help life coaches produce more results in their coaching business

Our company has trained and certified more life coaches than any other organization in the world. 

"After having attended two other Life Coach Trainings, Fast Coach Training was the least expensive and most powerful information for anyone interested in learning to become a powerful life coach and make a great living at it as well."

--Irene Goldberg, New York

Our Life Coach Certification program trains you to instantly establish a profitable life coach business and help your clients connect with their unlimited potential in life.

As one of our Life Coaches, you will will have the freedom to earn a great living while working on your terms from the comfort of your phone. Can you imagine earning $50, $100, or more per hour, and working the hours you want each day? We'll show you how to do this quickly in just one day.

If you want to learn the most simple, yet powerful Life Coach system we've taught to thousands of people around the world, take a 2-minute mental break and read on. Your personal freedom is just a breath away.

ATTENTION: There is a drastic shortage of Life Coaches

The majority of people are now in a transitional season. When riding those waves of change a coach can be a vital resource. Recognizing the increased demand and need for more certified and trained life coaches, for a limited time, we are discounting our $3,000 life coach certification program to $349, to help with the shortage of life coaches. 


"Believe It Or Not, My First Coaching Call Was $420!"

"Though I am still a doctor and plan to be for a while longer, I can totally see how using the Life Coach information learned in the Fast Coaching Training and Certification will lead me to do this full time."

--Dr. Mike K., Pennsylvania


Backed by the reasearch and development from the International Coaching Science Research Foundation, our established training and certification program provides amazing results that are typical. Approximately 98% of our attendees estabish a profitable and successful life coaching business in 2-4 weeks.

And what's the best part? Our Alumni Network and Referral program provides a great ongoing support system. A Few days after absorbing the training and using the program materials, each attendee is paired with a mentor supoort person. This allows for continual development as a coach after the training. With continued mentor support you accelerate your business and conquer obstacles that may come with any new venture.

Here's what you can expect from a One Day Live Training or a One Day Interactive Live Internet Workshop (The internet version allows for those who are unable to travel or want to save those added traveling expenses).

  • Simple yet powerful Life Coach techniques that produce results for your clients
  • A better understanding of the human mind, behavior, habits, personal achievement, and people
  • How to create a waiting list Life Coach practice (no other company teaches practical marketing)
  • How to become a leader in your community as a Life Coach to help others reach their true potential
  • You will learn the formula for what our coaches call, "Freedom in life!"
  • You can save time and money with our 1-day Life Coach Training and Certification!

"I learned more than I expected. The Life Coach Training and Certification Program gives you the tools to make a successful coaching business--quickly. Dr. Duckett's accelerated learning process (The Immersion Technique) allowed me to quickly grasp the powerful coaching concepts and business applications. The one day internet seminar was interactive and exciting! The day after the training, I recorded a life coaching session with myself. Wow! The breakthroughs and insights were amazing, and within two-weeks, I was soaring towards my dream life. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting a more abundant future and helping others as a life coach.

--Jenna, Chicago One Day Live Internet Workshop


How does this training benefit you? Well the answer is simple.

You're going to love the prestige of introducing yourself as a Certified Life Coach (You'll be able to sign your name with CLC after it). Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world and you're about to become one of our elite trained and certified life coaches.

You'll save time and money. Instead of costing you months, years, and thousands of dollars, you'll learn everything you need in just 1-day, for a fraction of the cost that other programs would charge. We know because many Life Coaches who have gone through other costly coach trainings were referred by their Coaching friends to go back through our 1-day training. Why? Because they didn't learn the system and techniques of a successful Life Coach business. These individuals are blown away when they experience our powerful 1-day event!

In today's fast moving, technology and information rich society, coaching services have never been more necessary. Life coaches help people bring out their inner genius to quickly accomplish the goals they want and reach their potential faster. Sometimes coaches even help troubleshoot issues before they have a chance to take root! When people are empowered with the right information, and coaches inspire and hold them accountable, transformation is just around the corner.

Dr. Michael J. Duckett discovered the power of Life Coaching over 20 years ago and has solidified a position in the coaching world that shouts "expert," "master" and "guru." He has built a complete coaching community in the process of introducing thousands of life coaches to the world.

Before Dr. Duckett started training other coaches and developing this program, he was able to build an $8 million dollar coaching business in less time than it takes the average person to get a promotion at their job! A profitable business and meaningful work is possible for you!

Fast Coach Training and Certification Program gives the resources and tools to establish a fast growing coaching business and lead the field among other coaches in the profession.


OUR UNUSUAL GUARANTEE TO YOU: If you try us out at one of our trainings and you aren’t 100% blown away (not just happy or inspired but blown away!) you can receive every penny back in a refund--Guaranteed. 


Fast Coach Training is practically giving away the opportunity to become a life coach because we are committed to our mission of developing certified coaches to go into the world and transform as many lives as possible. 

The International Coaching Science Research Foundation continues to develop cutting edge coaching techniques and create tools generated from our research focusing on human achievement. 


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