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Upgrading Life

$349 Fast Life Coach Training

About Our Life Coach Training

International Coaching Science Research Foundation (ICS Research) has been the leader in Life Coach Training and Certification since 1996.

Using Accelerated Learning Techniques, we teach our life coaches the entire business and powerful life coaching techniques in just one day and it is LIVE!

This is a LIVE training. You can't learn how to use a computer, drive a car, or bake a cake by just reading a manual. You have to actively participate to fully understand it. The same goes for Life Coach Training. You can't learn Life Coaching from reading about the subject. The only way you can actually learn Life Coaching is by actively participating in the coaching process (Coaching and being Coached). This is a marjor component of our Immersion Technique (Accelerated Learning Process) which is based upon being fully engaged in the process of Life Coaching to learn it effectively.


Alpharetta Life Coaching | About Our Life Coach Training. Dr. Michael Duckett is a Alpharetta Life Coaching.